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At, you can get a hotel room at a discounted price. The rental rates are often lower than the published rate from the hotel vendor directly, though the hotel name remains hidden until after the booking is made.  Although the hotel name is hidden, you are still provided with the needed information, such as hotel location, star rating, satellite mapping, and available facilities and amenities, to help you with your hotel choice.

Here are instructions for booking hotel at

(1)   Click on

(2)   Select “Hotel” from the menu tab on top

(3)   Select your travel information such as (1) Destination, (2) Check-In and Out dates, (3) Number of rooms and guests and (4) other advanced options such as star ratings

(4)   Select “Search Now”

Vancouver Hotel Deals From LastMinuteTravelHere is an example:

I have selected a hotel located in Vancouver, BC, Check-In Monday May 7th and Check-Out Saturday May 12th for 1 room for 2 adults and 4 or more star ratings.

(5)   You can further filter the results on the left column by selecting (1) Locations (2) Price Range (3) Star Rating and (4) Amenities.

From the above example:

I have filtered the results for hotels located in the Vancouver downtown area and downtown only.

The hidden hotel that was available is 4.5-star hotel in Downtown/Vancouver for an average nightly rate of $150 USD for a standard room.

Click on “Description” for more information about features & amenities, photos, rooms and map & directions.

Click on “View Rates & Polices” for more information about room rates, room cancellation policy and room facilites.

(6) Select “Book It” once you are satisfied with the room rate and polices.

(7) At the Reservation Details Summary page, select continue booking after you are satisfied with the reservation details.  Note: you can also add activities to your trip.

From the above example:

The average nightly rate of $150 USD for a standard room, with a 5 night toal of  $747.90 USD, Taxes/Fees of $117.70 USD and a Grand Total is $865.60 USD.

(8) Select “Continue Booking”

The hotel revealed was:

Hyatt Regency Vancouver
655 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2R7, Canada

I have quickly searched on Hyatt Regency Vancouver’s website which indicated that their lowest average nightly room rate as $239.00 CAD, with a 5 night total of $1195.00 CAD, Taxes/Fees of $188.09 CAD, and a Grand Total of  $1282.09 CAD.  Hence, the Grand Total is $1296.19 USD (Note: At the time of writing, the exchange rate at noon for CAD to USD is 1.0110).


From this example, by using, you can save up to $430.49 USD or 33% off for 5 nights in Vancouver, BC.

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If at any time you need any assistance with getting hotel deals from, please feel free to contact usWe can also help identify the hidden hotel!

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