Car Rental Review: How To Reserve and Get Rental Deals from Alamo Rent A Car

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We have rented from Alamo Rent A Car several times and would definitely use their service again.  We have provided the following pros and cons of using Alamo Rent A Car based on our recent experience at Maui:


1. Alamo Online Check In or Self check kiosk allows you to bypass long counter waits and the attempted upsell services from agents.  All you need is to provide your driver license and credit card at exit both before leaving the parking lot.
2. Can select any car on the lot that matches your reserved car model size (we have used Avis, Budget, Thrifty and Dollar and they all pre-select your rental car).  From our recent trip to Maui, we chose a Nissan Altima because we have driven it before and is comfortable with all the functions, especially with mounting an infant car seat.
3. Fast return.  We drove to the car return section and unloaded our luggage while the agent reviewed the mileage and fuel (gasoline) gauge, and then had our receipt printed out.
4. Friendly service.  We were helped with our luggage at both times, shuttling to and from the Maui airport.
5. Car Rental Deals.  Alamo Rent A Car offers many car rental deals.  Click here for their current car rental specials.


1. Review Car Functions.  It would be nice if they had offered or demonstrated the use of certain car functions (eg: mounting infant car seats etc).  But, a quick look at the owner’s manual will provide any information you would need.

Overall, we will definitely use their rental service again.

For those who have never booked with Alamo Rent A Car,  I have provided instructions on car rental from Alamo Rent A Car:

(1)   Click on for Alamo Rental Car Specials

Vancouver Car Rental Deals from Alamo Rent A Car

(2)   Click on the specific great deal that is applicable to your travel itinerary

For example, I have selected Pre-Pay & Save An Additional 10%!

Vancouver Car Rental Alamo PrePay and Save 10%

Please see their Terms and Conditions (eg: Discount applies to base rate only)

(3)   Select “Reservations” to see if your rental qualifies for Pre-Pay discount

Alamo Rent A Car PrePay and Save 10%

(4)   For Alamo, reservation for car rental is just 3 simple steps:

(i) Step 1: Tell us about your trip

You would need to enter “Where you live”, “Pickup/Dropoff Location”, “Alamo Insiders Members” Optional Rate Information (eg: Coupon Codes) and “Flight Information.” Select “Continue” when all required fields are completed.

Here is an example:

I have selected Round-Trip from Vancouver Intl Arpt Main with travel dates of Sunday Oct 14th 12 Noon for pick-up and Saturday Oct 20th 12 Noon for drop-off.

Vancouver Car Rental Deal From Alamo Rent A Car Reservation Step 1

Note: You can select “Find a Location” to find Alamo Rent A Car locations in Vancouver.

Alamo Rent A Car Vancouver Location Guide

(ii) Step 2: Select from these available cars:

Vancouver Car Rental From Alamo Rent A Car Reservation Step 2Vancouver Car Rental From Alamo Rent A Car Reservation Step 2 Part 2

In this example, I have selected “Fullsize” and opted “Prepay Now” to save $13.51 or 10% off the base rate of $135.12.

Note: You can hover above the “Vehicle Features” to help decide which car model size fits your travel needs. For example: Fullsize will fit 5 passengers and 4 pieces of Luggage etc.

(iii) Step 3: Select rental options and calculate total:

This is the final step in reserving your rental car with Alamo and will provide the following information:

(1) Base rate of your specific car model size and what is included in that rate (eg: guaranteed base rate and unlimited kilometers etc),

(2) Primary Driver age information (Note: additional drivers information is completed at Alamo counter, via Online Check-In or Save Time)

(3) Select “Additional Items” required for this car rental (eg: Infant seats, Insurance etc.),

Vancouver Car Rental From Alamo Rent A Car Reservation Step 3 Part 1

Car Rental Tips:

1. Check if your current car insurance or credit card provides car rental insurance coverage.
2. Bring your own GPS and if applicable Infant/child/toddler seat to save on additional charges.

(4) Enter “Personal and Payment information”,

Vancouver Car Rental From Alamo Rent A Car Reservation Step 3 Part 2

(5) And when all required fields are completed, select “Accept Prepay”

In our example, we have selected no additional items and our base rate is $121.61.  After taxes, surcharges and fees, the pre-pay total is $168.45 CAD or estimated total of $172.43 USD.

Vancouver Car Rental From Alamo Rent A Car Reservation Step 3 Part 3

(5)   Finally, use Alamo Rent A Car online “Check-In” to avoid the lines at the counter and go directly to their parking lot.  The parking lot is organized by car model size.  Just pick the car you want to drive that belongs to the model size that you have reserved.  Then present your Online “Check-In” rental documents, your driver’s license and credit card before leaving the lot at the exit booth.

Alamo Rent A Car Online Check-In Vancouver

Alamo Online “Check-In” requires you to complete a few questions and review their terms and conditions.

Car Rental Tip: Check for pre-existing dents, scratches and damages and inform the agents at the exit booth.  They will document this on your reservations and print a copy for you to keep.

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