Get Vancouver Car Rental Deals From Priceline

Need to rent a car in Vancouver?  Looking for a discounted rental rate?  Booking a car rental through Priceline will ensure that you get a good deal.  If you are looking for some savings and are not picky with having a specific car rental company, which remains unknown until your reservation is complete, this is the route to go.

Here are instructions for a car rental from Priceline:

(1)   Click on

(2)   Select “Cars” from the menu tab on top

Vancouver Car Rental Deals From Priceline

(3)   Select “Pick up from” (1) an airport (2) a city or (3) an address

(4)   Enter your travel dates and times (for pick-up and drop off) and click “Search Now!”

Vancouver Car Rental Deals From Priceline 2Here is an example:

I have selected a Round-Trip from YVR (Vancouver International Airport) with travel dates of Monday May 7th 10 AM for pick-up and Friday May 11th 10 AM for drop-off.  From the result, Alamo Rent A Car has rates of $21 per day for both Compact and Economy Car ($116 for total travel dates) and Budget Rent A Car has rates of $19 per day for both Compact and Economy Car ($116 for total travel dates).

(5)   If you are happy with the price and car type from a vendor, click on the price.

(6)   The next page indicates your trip summary, including car rental details, optional special requests (such as child seats, navigational systems etc), collision damage insurance, summary of rental car charges, driver information and contact information.  Please review the important information section, and rental policy and rules information.

(7)   Click “Reserve My Rental Car” to reserve your car after you have read Priceline’s Terms and Conditions.

An option to get even greater savings is to bid for your car rental price by clicking on the banner “Save Up to 40% More – Name Your Own Price”

Rental Car Priceline Name Your Own Price

Here you will get rental prices that can be much lower than the published rates from the direct car rental vendors themselves, as vendors may accept your bid rather than letting their unused cars sit in their parking lot.  The vendor’s name remains hidden and is only revealed after the reservation is complete.  Some of the car rental vendors include: Alamo Rent A Car, Budget Rent A Car, Dollar Rent A car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz Rent A Car, National Car Rental and Thrify Car Rental.

From the example above, we know not to exceed $19 per day for bids for both economy and compact cars.

There are two easy steps to be completed before naming your price:

Step 1: Verify your Pick-up and Drop-off location,

From the example above, both pick-up and drop-off location is Vancouver International Airport – YVR in Vancouver, BC

Step 2: Select your car type (range from economy to full-size SUV)

(3)   Then “Name your own price per day ($USD)”.

My suggestion is to start with a bidding price of approximately 50% of the retail price.

Therefore, from the example above, I will enter $10 per day for a compact car.

(4)   Select “Continue”

(5)   You will then be provided with a summary of your reservation, including the total charges after taxes and fees.  If you are satisfied with the reservation information, you can then enter your driver information, billing address, credit card and flight information (optional).  Please read the important information and terms and conditions!  If you accept and agree to those terms then enter your initials and select “buy my car rental.”

From the example above, $10 per day for 4 rental days (=$40.00), taxes and fees are $34.66 for a total charges of $74.66.

If Priceline finds a major rental car vendor that accepts your price, then you can print your full itinerary.

If not, you can either

(1)   Wait 24 hours and try again or

(2)   Rebid without waiting, but you will have to change one detail from your initial reservation, such as car type, pick-up date, drop-off date or location.

My suggestion is to change to a higher car type and increase bid by $1 to $2 increments.

Repeat step 2 if no rental car vendor accepts your price until you’ve reached the maximum bid price that you’ve decided (or in our example here, $19 per day).

On the right side are screen shots of some of our recent winning bids using our above bidding strategy for Hawaii!!!

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If at any time you need any assistance with bidding for car rental deals from Priceline, please feel free to contact us!