Get Vancouver Hotel Deals From Hotwire

At, you can get hotel rooms for prices that are much lower than the published rates from the hotel vendors themselves, as vendors use Hotwire to fill up rooms that would otherwise go unsold.  In order for Hotwire to provide great deals, the vendor’s name and address is only revealed after the reservation is complete.  You are still provided with the hotel’s star and customer ratings, amenities that are included, and general area where the hotel is located, to make an informed hotel booking decision.

Instructions to get Vancouver Hotel Deals from Hotwire:

(1) Click on

(2) Select “Hotel” from the menu tab on top

(3) Select your travel information such as (1) Destination (eg: address, zip, postal code, city or airport) (2) Check-In and Check-Out dates and (3) Number of rooms and guests.

Vancouver Hotel Deals From HotwireHere is an example:

I have selected a hotel located in Vancouver, BC, Check-In Monday May 7th and Check-Out Saturday May 12th for 1 room with 2 adults and 4 or more star ratings.

(4) Select “Find a hotel”

(5) You can further refine the results on the left column by selecting (1) Star Rating (2) Customer Rating (3) Price range (4) Area Selection and (5) Hotel features

From the above example, I have refined the results by selecting 4 star, 4.5 star and 5 star, downtown Vancouver West, Entertainment District and Downtown Vancouver South.

(6) From the example above,

We were provided with 3 options: (1) and (2) are 5 Star Downtown Vancouver West area hotels for $134 and $177 per room per night respectively and (3) 4 star Downtown Vancouver West area hotel.
Hotel amenities, area map, and hotel and customer ratings are provided to make an informed decision.

(7) Click “Show Me” once you are satisfied with one of the desired hotel choices.

From the example above,

I have chosen the 5 Star hotel room with a rate of $134 per room per night (a grand total of $784.44 for 5 nights-including taxes and fees of $114.44) and the following amenities: Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurants, Business Center, High Speed Internet Access and Spa Services.
At the time of writting, based on Hotwire’s Flight and Hotel package with the selected travel dates, the possible 5 star hotels in the area include Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Fairmont Pacific Rim, and Four Seasons.
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(8) At the Trip Summary page, select “Book Now” once you are satisfied with the reservation details such as hotel details, price summary, area map, and customer reviews.

(9) Complete your booking by entering Traveler Information (primary hotel guest contact information), additional features (hotel cancellation protection plans), and payment information.  Finally, review all information and book the hotel.

The name of the hotel will be revealed after you have completed the reservation.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Hotwire does not issue cancellations nor refunds!

(10) Print your itinerary and provide it to the receptionist upon checking-in.  You can contact your hotel ahead of time if you have certain requests, such bed preference (eg. queen or king size bed), smoking or non-smoking room, etc..  While the hotel cannot guarantee that your request will be accommodated, it is certainly worth a try.

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Disclaimer: Below are lists of the revealed Hotwire hotels that have been reported in 2012. Please keep in mind that star ratings, addition and removal of hotels, and area selection (eg: the borders between Downtown West and Downtown Entertainment District) are subject to change by Hotwire at anytime.
Downtown West
5* The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver
4* Hyatt Regency
4* Westin Bayshore
4* Sheraton Wall Centre
4* Coast Coal Harbour Hotel
Downtown Entertainment District
4* Westin Grand
4* Metropolitan Hotel
4* Delta Suites
3.5* Century Plaza Hotel and Spa
3* Ramada Inn and Suites
3* Moda Hotel
Richmond-Vancouver Airport YVR
4* Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport
4* The Hotel at River Rock
3.5* Hilton
3.5* Sheraton Airport
3.5* Delta Vancouver Airport
3* Four Points Sheraton
3* Radisson Airport

If at any time you need any assistance with getting hotel deals from Hotwire, please feel free to contact us!