Find Free or Cheap Parking in Vancouver

Are you having a hard time finding parking in Vancouver? Frustrated with wasting your time and circling around the block?  Tired of paying for expensive parking in Vancouver? Well, we have the solution for you!  We’d like to introduce to you an app designed for iPhone, iPad or iTouch called Park “In” Spot. This app has a built in GPS function that can detect your current location and determine all the parking spots in your near vicinity.
We have used this app since Jan 2012 and are extremely satisfied with it. We’ve always been able to find free parking or places with the lowest rates in Downtown Vancouver ever since!

Park In Spot is very easy to use.  All you have to do is click on a few icons.

How to use Park In Spot App:

(1) Click on “Map icon” (1st bottom icon) to utilize GPS to determine your location.  A green pin on the map shows your location.

(2) Click on “Color Bars (Free Parking) Icon”  (2nd bottom icon) to show free parking near your location.

You can refine your search by touching on the color bars to remove from search (Note: by default, all free parking options are checked off).

Example: the purple bar indicates which particular streets has free parking after 6pm and the blue bar shows streets with 2 hours of free parking.

If all free parking is taken, your other options are meter parking or parkades (parking garage).

(3) Click on “Meter Icon” (3rd bottom icon) to show meter parking rates near your location.

Click on top left corner for meter rates legend.  For example: red bar indicates which particular streets have a meter rate of $6 per hour.

If the meter rates are on the pricier side, you can check the parkade rates.

(4) Click on “Parkade Icon” (4th bottom icon) to show parking garage near your location.

Hover over the desired parkade indicated by the “Green P” on the map to show parking lot rate.  For example, the parkade chosen on the map has a rate of $2.75 per 30 minutes.

(5) This app also helps find free or cheap parking in Seattle and Toronto.  In order to access this option, click on “Wheel Icon” (5th bottom icon) to select a different city.  Note: We have also tried this in Seattle and was able to find the cheapest parkade near Pike Place.

Our opinion of this app:

We love this app!  We love to dine and shop in Downtown Vancouver. In the past, we would park in the Pacific Center Mall Parkade on the weekends all day for $6 (owned by EasyPark). With Park In Spot, we were able to find a great parkade for only $4!  Please see photo below!

Would you like to find free or cheap parking in Vancouver?  If so, you can click on the bottom link to direct you to iTunes website to download the app.

iTunes (free version) – US ResidentiTunes
iTunes (free version) – Canadian Resident
iTunes ($0.99 ad-free version) – Canadian Resident


(1) Since January 1 2010, British Columbia has a new law against the use of all hand-held devices including cellphones and all portable electronic devices. Therefore, please park when using this app!
(2) Rates and free parking are subject to change.  Therefore, please double check the accuracy of the app before parking!